For The Love of Knitting

For The Love of Knitting

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 11th Feb 2022

My first memory of knitting was with my Granny Sacht. I sat with her on a plaid couch with wooden arm rests. The needles were red plastic with black ends, single pointed. I learned to cast on and knit that afternoon. I felt loved, honoured and smart that day. Within a short time I had a few rows of knitted fabric and could bask in the sun shining through the window. I felt my grandmother’s pride of passing on a valued tradition.

I was four years old. I have loved knitting ever since. It is that learning moment that continues to spur on my love of knitting. Once I could read I learned to knit from patterns. Over the years I have knitted whenever I was inspired by yarn or a beautiful pattern.

That feeling of being loved and valued is the energy that inspired me to create and build The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio. It is really an homage to a moment and to my grandmother. She died when I was ten years old. For Christmas the year before she passed, she knit her grandchildren sweaters. Mine was knit with white yarn. It was a V-neck sweater with cables on the front. When I opened the package she had also included a red silk scarf to wear with the sweater. Once again I felt loved, honoured and this time very grown up. When you place a silk scarf around your neck you are dressed up and going places!

It is the moments that make all the difference in my life and knitting has provided many of them. There can be frustration, anger, despair and unhappiness but for me most of those feelings can be assuaged and transformed as I knit. I cherish the moments grabbed from a busy, full life and, because someone took the time to share knitting with me when I was four, I have had a better life.

So in honour of Valentines Day and The Good Life, I encourage you to teach someone to knit or crochet or hook rugs or quilt……….

Pass on your love.
Here’s to the best moments