A First Time Moment

A First Time Moment

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 9th Dec 2021

This morning I sit, watching the snow fall while nibbling on fresh roasted cashews and medjool dates. 

Steve picked up the Rancho Vignola order yesterday.

In the early nineties I tasted my first fresh organic dates and cashews from the Vignolas. 

It was truly a “first time” moment. 

I carefully pulled apart the soft medjool and removed the pit, then pressed a fresh walnut into the flesh of the date. 

I bit into that smooth and crunchy fruit/nut experience and was changed. 

Visions of Bedouin tents, strong coffee and freshly sliced oranges danced in my head. 

The quality of amazing food has impacted my life significantly over the years and continues to do so.

I grew up eating dates that came in hard brick-like squares, that needed steaming so that we could make ”Matrimonial Cake,” date squares. 

Walnuts came in small packages and often tasted bitter and needed roasting to create good flavour. 

When this first time taste of truly fresh dates and nuts happened, I felt inspired and happy to live in a world where this kind of quality of food exists. 

So, each year when our fall order arrives I put the coffee on, open the medjools, rip back the plastic on the nut bags and I savour the beautiful combo of flavours, reconnecting with the wonder of that first time. 

I connect to the knowing that there is much goodness in the world and it can be embodied in the sweet flesh of a medjool or barhi date, filled with the crunch of fresh walnuts and cashews.

All around me, there are things that make me feel good about having this human experience. 

I see it in the care, intention and quality with which many people bring to their life work. 

The earth is willing to provide for us while we have a life here and when I nibble medjools or knit with organic wool, eat a special meal made by my brother Arnie, drink great Organic Okanagan wine and desert upon dried mango creme brûlée, I am encouraged and indeed feel awe for the gift of being human here and now.

I encourage you to check out, a local Armstrong business and get your “first time” moment.