Super Sox 6Ply Comics

150 Grams

With this oversized ball, knit fun socks or accessories... Lang Yarns' Super Soxx 6-ply yarn, as its name suggests, it is Super, durable and high-quality. Beautifully self-striping yarn is a welcome addition to the selection of medium-strength variegated sock yarns. If you want a different look for the socks, e.g. knit the heel and toe in a single colour, you can combine the yarn with Super soxx 6ply monochromatic. You can knit up to size 46 socks from one ball.

The wool used in the yarn comes from Corriedale sheep from Patagonia, Chile. The wool of Corriedale sheep is long-fibreed and does not pill easily. You can check the origin of the wool by entering the code on the belt into the Trace your yarn search on the Lang Yarns website. With the Trace your yarn service, you can see when and where the wool in that batch was spun, which breed of sheep it contains and what kind of work steps the yarn has gone through.

150g 390m
22 sts=10cm
75% Wool 25& Nylon

Trace your Lang Yarn and find out where it comes from. Learn more about the farm, the sheep and the different processes the wool goes through.