Straight Knitting Needles 25 cm (10 ")

$9.00 - $24.00
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Keep it straightforward with straight knitting needles

Ready for the gold standard in knitting needles? Straight needles are perfect for all flat knitting projects such as dishcloths, scarves, and pieced sweaters. Plus, since most of us learned to knit on straights, you can feel the nostalgia as you create!

Old school style, new modern trend

Of course, every old trend can get upgraded with a bit of flair. While we offer traditional straight needles, you can also try your knitting squared with our new Foursquare Straight needles - reduce hand fatigue with the square shape that fits right into your hand easily and allows you to knit without pain or strain.

Keep in mind:
Since straight needles are fixed in length, you are limited with the width of projects you can create with them
Projects on straight needles are heavier to work with than circulars, so if you’re making something in a large size, you might want to consider circular needles rather than straights