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Peer Gynt has been on the market ever since 1938, and the structure of the yarn makes it a favourite for knitting traditional kofte sweaters. Peer Gynt remains as popular a yarn today as it was then. Garments made of Norwegian wool are light, warm and grow softer every time you wear them. Norwegian wool is durable and pill-resistant, and its superior resilience ensures that garments keep their shape over time.  Be kind to the environment! Wool is breathable and rarely needs washing. Instead, we recommend airing your wool garments. Garments made of Norwegian wool have a long lifespan and can remain just as beautiful for several generations. As a result, Norwegian wool can contribute to more sustainable consumption.

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Yardage: 91
Knitting Needles: Knitting Needle no. 3½, Knitting Needle no. 4
Knitting tension: 22 sts = 10 cm
Origin of raw material: Norway