Mule Spinner 1 ply Sheep Shades

100 Grams

One strand of Mule Spun fiber, the Mule Spinner 1-Ply 100% Wool yarn is a Super Fine yarn for detailed works such as Fair Isle sweaters and light shawls. The Sheep Shade colourway is created by blending natural sheep's wool colours. It can be paired beautifully with either the Naturally Dyed Mule Spinner 1-Ply or the Do-si-do 1-Ply yarn colourways. 

Price is per 4oz skein.

There are approximately 395 m / 432 yd per 112 g / 4 oz skein. 

This is a Super Fine weight yarn according to the Craft Yarn Council's Yarn Standard. You can find their simple guide to yarn weights here

Please note: due to the small batch nature of our yarns, colour pooling can occur (though we work very hard to avoid it). When knitting large swatches of a single colour, we recommend introducing a new skein of yarn slowly by alternating skeins row for row. 

100% Canadian Wool processed at Custom Woolen Mills, Alberta, Canada.

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