Moses Basket

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If this basket doesn't make you want to snuggle a baby, we don't know what will! Moses baskets are designed for newborn babies to sleep in for the first few months. They provide cosy and reassuring confined space for your child. As babies sleep most of the time, creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for their development is very important.

Sustainably Sourced, Hand Woven Ghanaian Baskets, representing everything eco and ethical. Big Blue Moma partners with Ghanaian communities working to sustain their folk-art traditions. Perfect anytime and everywhere, on the beach, grocery shopping, holiday accessory or home storage.

All baskets are woven by hand with elephant grass indigenous to the Bolgatanga area of Ghana, West Africa. Handles are covered with goat leather reinforcing it's construction while also adding an extra level of comfort when carrying a full load.

Maintain your Ghana basket by submerging it fully once or twice a year to hydrate the grasses and tighten up the weave. These baskets are a longstanding tradition in Ghana and you will be amazed at their durability as well as their stylish appearance.All Big Blue Moma baskets are made by hand and as such, size and shape may vary slightly from what is pictured. Dimensions are always approximate because each one is an individualized handmade work of art.