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Taranui Cozy by Lynette Meek
Legend by Lynette Meek
Tekapo Westover by Katrin Walter
Brioni by Deborah Newton

HAUNUI, pronounced Hoo-noo-ee and translated as “place of the winds“ in Maori language in New Zealand

Mr. Noro was enchanted by this unique mixed-breed Haunui merino stock from the Taranui farm in New Zealand. The non-mulesed sheep are raised ethically and have their fleece gently harvested with a layer of protection left behind. This yarn combines the natural colours and texture of the fleece harvested.

The yarn has a slight thick and thin quality to the single ply, and is available in five colours. True wool lovers will cherish this limited-quality, slightly rustic, un-dyed yarn.

No two sheep are exactly the same colour, but their fleece falls into colour categories, and are blended to create rich shades of oatmeal, brown, gray, and black.

See an article about Haunui in NORO Knitting Magazine issue 19 (Fall/Winter 2021)

100% Wool
14-16 sts with 4.5mm-5mm needles

23 Hakea Sweater by Eisaku Noro Design Team 野呂英作企画室
06 Brioni by Deborah Newton

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