Forte Special Edition ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Set

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ChiaoGoo is a long-time leader in the circular needle game, with their excellent flexible cords that just won’t kink or freeze in awkward positions. This is their upcoming interchangeable offering, featuring African blackwood needles made from scraps of musical instrument manufacturing, with stainless steel tips for precise knitting. The cords in this set swivel, making them extremely convenient and less prone to tangling. You’ll get three different lengths for the larger and smaller sizes.

Sneak Peek: Forté Interchangeable Needle Set from ChiaoGoo

Not only are the needles, connectors, and cables super well-designed, but you’ll also get a bunch of really awesome notions with your Forté Interchangeable Needle Set. Everything is enclosed in an absolutely gorgeous zipper case with magnets to hold the included metal stitch markers in place.

The included stoppers and connectors allow you to join your cables together to create even longer lengths. You can even join one or two into a loop to create circular stitch holders.