Fleece Bluefaced Leicester Roving

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A stunning undyed yarn spun using the natural shades from the pure British fleece of Bluefaced Leicester, which offers a superior and luxurious material for knitting, crocheting, hand-dyeing and felting. With lustrous fibres that add character and depth, this soft and silky roving has been minimally processed to maintain its raw and natural beauty. The versatility of the yarn makes it a perfect choice for everyday garments and accessories, as well as special projects to be cherished and passed down. There are three natural undyed shades available, each giving subtly different results. Fleece Bluefaced Leicester Roving is also available as a variation blended from the different natural fleece tones.

Fibre: 100% British Wool
Weight:  100g Aran Roving
Yardage/Meterage: 150m | 164yd
Needles: 5mm
Gauge: 10cm sq 19 Stitches 24 Rows
Care: Hand wash at 30°. Do not spin. Reshape while damp.
Origin: England