Curved Double Pointed Needles (plastic)

$17.00 - $25.00
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Neko's Curved Double Pointed Needle design makes it possible to stitch socks with only 3 stitching needles. Makes knitting socks much more comfortable. Faster than having to use up to 5 straight needles that can be clumsy and time consuming. Two curved needles hold the stitches and the third needle is used for knitting. Set of 3. Sorry, no color choice. Approximately 8" long.

When a chill is in the air and the season of cold weather and coats is approaching, it’s time for crafters, crocheters and creative knitters to start working on those wooly winter items that will keep their feet and their family’s feet warm. You know what we’re talking about — socks! Comfortable and cozy, knit socks are a perfect stocking stuffer, gift for a loved one or woolly treat for yourself.

Even though they’re satisfying to wear and fun to make, knitting socks can be a challenge, especially when you don’t have the right supplies. Figuring out how to use as many as five straight knitting needles to set up for making your socks can get you all tangled up. That’s why you need curved knitting needles to make your sock endeavors more simple.

Designed specifically for making socks, our sock knitting needles use three curved needles to streamline your sock-making process, so you can knit those pairs with ease and confidence.