The Pursuit of Pleasure

The Pursuit of Pleasure

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 11th Aug 2022

Steven and I bought a new boat last week. It’s big, it’s powerful and you can dive off the swim deck and get back on it easily. It is an extravagance for us but what joy, relax and peace it is bringing. We are spending time together swimming, napping and feeling the power of this amazing Okanagan Valley that we live in.

It was very interesting to read a Yarn and Knitting Trend Report from the Craft Industry Alliance that so captured our experience of buying a boat.

We had been searching for a way to create more intimacy as a couple, with our own selves and with the natural world around us. Steve and I had pinned a picture of the boat we wanted on the fridge a couple of years ago. We wanted something unique that fit our life now. We found it. We can take family, friends or just the two of us out on the lake in the boat. There was only a few of this kind of boat in the Okanagan and we can park it in our own marina space.

Buying the boat was definitely in the pursuit of pleasure. I love diving into water, hanging out in the rock of waves on a boat, feeling the warm summer wind dry out my wet bathing suit as we “go fast” across the water. I really love hanging out with Steve watching him carefully make all the details of running and docking and launching a boat look easy.

The vibe that Steve and I have experienced with our boat is what we imagined for our customers at The Twisted Purl. It had been my intention to create for people who enter our space, an opportunity to have a very personalized experience. I believe that good yarn, good knitting and crochet give pleasure. There is the pleasure of creating something unique, or something that is designed to fit only you. It is really fun to find an intimacy with yarn and needles that speak to you and allow you to create beauty. Yarn and Knitting/Crochet are personal and the more mindful and connected you are to the creative process, the better you feel in and about the world.