The “Big Fat Bear” Hibernates

The “Big Fat Bear” Hibernates

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 19th Oct 2022

The “Big Fat Bear” has eaten the last of the pears and plums, he left some carrots for us and my fall romaine lettuce has had time to recover from his grazing. The zinnias and chrysanthemums have bloomed beautifully in this long sunny fall. The succulents in my greenhouse are excited for the winter and are taking on a new burst of life in the cooler day and nights. I am making fermented hot pepper sauce and exploring the art of sourdough bread again.

The boat and Seadoos are out of the water and put away for the winter. My rosemary plants are ready to go into the greenhouse along with the fig trees. The wood is piled high for the stove in the greenhouse and Becky my garden helper has put compost on the beds. I have begun to plant garlic and this fall I have Alsike Clover, Crimson Clover and Red Clover seeds to plant for green manure and the bees.

The potatoes and squash are in the cold room along with the onions and the tomatoes have been sauced and frozen.

I’m ready for Monday Knit Nights, watching Calgary Flames Hockey, Soups and crusty bread and exploring the art of good mittens, slippers and blankets. Last night I started knitting the first square for my StarFlower Blanket from Tin Can Knits. We have a new yarn for us, Double Sunday, a Sandes Yarn 100% merino wool, non-superwash. It is designed by and for the designer PetiteKnit who creates beautiful sweaters and accessories. We have 16 colours and 17 colours of Sunday the DK version. This is the perfect yarn for a blanket project or sweaters.

Peer Gynt another Sandes Garn wool is also here. Norwegian sweaters, mittens and slipper design are terrific with this yarn.

Have you knit your fall/winter vest yet? Living in the Okanagan this is the perfect way to cover or layer up. There are so many options but we are fond of colour work or cable vests. From Dk to Bulky they all look great.

I am not sure what “Big Fat Bear” is doing this winter but I know that I am ready for my version of hibernation. Quiet, quality days and nights relaxing in the knowing that the harvest is in, the garden is ready for next spring, the freezer is full and I have many projects to consider and do. Here’s to an amazing winter of creativity and abundant ease and calm.