My True Nature is the Heart

My True Nature is the Heart

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 16th Nov 2022

This week as I sit to write I want to honour and acknowledge all of the women and men who find themselves not only caring for children and grandchildren but sisters, brother, mothers, fathers and friends in their many times and places of transition. At the Twisted Purl we hear many stories of the human condition, and today I want to share a special chant from Mirka Scalco Kraftsow, the yoga teacher that I have been studying and practicing with since 2007.

Atma Hrdaye ( My true nature is the Heart)

Hrdayam Mayi ( My Heart is my true Nature)

Aham amrte (I am the Bliss of the Heart)

Anandam brahmani ( The Heart that I am is the unending bliss of Oneness)

When we give our lives and heart in service to our families, friends and community having a way to recharge and nourish is important for our own personal health.I feel truly blessed to have Mirka in my life and to share sacred practice with her as I take this human adventure. Enjoy this chant and may it bring solace as you sit and pick up some knitting to create a much needed equilibrium in your life.