How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 22nd Sep 2020

This week I began knitting an Elephant. A toy for the joy of a toy and the fun of creating complex knitted things. Sometimes, when my visions are big and the abundance of everything is overwhel … read more

How I Spent My Summer Holidays

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 8th Sep 2020

Back in my school days, this was the first assigned essay of the year.The Summers of my childhood were filled with play, work, family visiting and travel. We lived in the Sayward Valley, on the NE sid … read more

Tools of the Trade

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 17th Jun 2020

                             My Husband Steve loves tools.For the 39 years that I have known him he has carried and collected … read more

Dandelion Knitting

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 15th May 2020

A favourite moment in my life, many years ago, I came upon a young black bear laying on his tummy in a sea of dandelions. He was carefully picking the bright yellow heads and placing them in his … read more