Languages of Love

Languages of Love

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 16th Apr 2021

It is to the hum of bees in the poplar tree blossoms that I gardened yesterday.They provided the base line upon which the black birds, sparrows, collared doves, mallards, quail and chickadees sang. As … read more

Building Fires

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 4th Feb 2021

40 years ago.1981.I met and fell in lust/love with Steve between classes at the University of Victoria. I sat with a hastily grabbed hot dog at a table in the cafeteria, where a dish of french fries s … read more

A New Year

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 4th Jan 2021

Goose feathers rolled on the snow like tumbleweed this morning as I sat by the lake.The kill site soaked with blood and sinew was framed with the imprint of eagle wings and talons.The eagles here at N … read more

Worms {and Cheese!}

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 30th Oct 2020

                            Nobody Loves me, everybody hates me, I’m going into the garden to eat worms.Long fuzzy ones, shor … read more

Grow Where You Are Planted

Posted by Kathleen Logan on 23rd Oct 2020

The the first HarrowSmith Cookbook, published in 1981, has a photo of four beautiful and unusual varieties of squash on the cover.These are squashes that I never saw in my childhood, but this year I g … read more